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Drivers’ feedback

Anda Mnyute

South Africa

inDriver is really convenient: it lets me know about potential crime spots, and the time of arrival feature is also something I find very useful as a driver.

Edwin Lara


It has good benefits: the driver is able to negotiate the price of the service they offer

Stephany Portillo

El Salvador

I've had very good benefits, both in terms of profiting from rides and the feeling of knowing that people have arrived at their destination safely and on time, and now they have real confidence in the app.

Adnan Mahmood

Pakistan / Lahore

I'm very satisfied with inDriver. Ever since I started working with the app, I get more rides and get passengers to their destinations.

Sam Ariandi

Indonesia / Medan

Low service payments and flexible working hours are the reasons I love working with the inDriver app

Mohamed Qassem Mohamed


The app is seriously unique, and is really growing in popularity right now, which is reflected in the growing number of trips in the app. What makes this app stand out is that it is really easy to use: it doesn't require effort or special know-how to understand it.

Nekruz Alibekov


The app is easy to use, you can immediately see the pick-up and drop-off points, you can take a ride headed in the direction you want to go. You see the price set by the passenger, and can also offer a higher price yourself and start negotiating.

Marcel Pires


I'm very grateful to be able to work with inDriver: it's a totally innovative, simple and practical app. You can make a nice amount of money, because it's the app with the lowest service payment

Ajay Verma


It's a great app for drivers. Unlike any other app on the market, inDriver gave me freedom in my work, and also gave me a fair price for each ride. I have the freedom to choose the price and the ride I want. inDriver has changed my life as a driver and now I have the freedom to work flexibly. This app is so easy to use. That's why I also recommended to my friends that they join.

The inDriver online passenger transportation aggregator is not a taxi service and is not involved in the relationship of Users. All requests are created, sent and performed by users independently.