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    Low service payments

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  • Passengers pay you directly
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How to get started


Download the app on Google Play or on the App Store


Open the side menu in the upper-left corner


Switch to "Driver mode"


Go to "Online registration" - it's quick and easy


Choose the "City"


Upload your documents


Driver's license

A photo of one side is compulsory, the other side is optional


Profile picture

Without sunglasses, clearly showing your face, without filters


A photo of your vehicle

From the front side, with the registration number clearly visible


How to become a driver?

You can pass online registration by yourself by uploading photos of your documents in inDrive app

How much does inDrive charge for service payment?

We provide payment free service for up to 6 months after the official launch in your city. Later, the service payment will be only 5-10%

Why do you need to verify drivers?

We check drivers' documents to ensure the safety of service users. Your personal data is protected by privacy law.

How long does verification take?

Verification of documents will take about 24 hours

Can I use inDrive, if I am a taxi driver?

Yes, of course, once you pass the online verification in the app, you will get access to the ride requests.

Do you provide a car?

No, to use inDrive app you must have your own car

What payment methods are available?

At the moment, we have only cash payments. In the future, we will include other payment methods.

How can I change my info in the app? (Plate number, make of car and etc)

You can change personal information such as the car make, plate number and etc in your profile. Tap menu button with three lines in the upper left corner of the screen nd enter your name, select "Edit car information" and renew your data.

How can I give feedback about the passenger?

Enter menu with three lines in the upper left corner, select support, and start chat to leave a feedback about the passenger.

How to switch to the driver mode?

Open the app, tap side menu and select "Switch to driver mode"

How can I contact you?

You can contact us via our in-app online chat, at

The inDrive online passenger transportation aggregator is not a taxi service and is not involved in the relationship of Users. All requests are created, sent and performed by users independently.