Meet all our safety features

We care about your safety

Before the first request, when you create or consider the order and during the ride: we’ve made number of safety features for both drivers and passengers

ID verification

All our drivers have their documents verified. Only once they're successfully checked can they see and accept orders.

Destination point

Drivers see pickup and destination points before they accept the order. As a driver, make sure you’re familiar with the area where the destination point is located.

Dangerous destinations

If a driver accepts an order in dangerous area, we notify them about it. They can then cancel that ride without any penalties.

Users’ info

Both drivers and passengers see each other’s ratings and number of completed rides. You can check it before the ride to find out about the other user and feel safer.

Help during the ride

When the ride starts, both passengers and drivers see the ‘Help during the ride’ button. It includes emergency options: call the police or share the ride route with someone.

Share your route

That’s one of the emergency options during the ride. You can send your ride info and current geolocation to one of your personal contacts.

We go the extra mile. Because we care.

The inDrive online passenger transportation aggregator is not a taxi service and is not involved in the relationship of Users. All requests are created, sent and performed by users independently.