Only driver's with own car required

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Do you have a car?

By tapping "Submit", you give your consent to processing personal data

inDriveis a new generation of ride hailing apps

Quick registration

User-friendly mobile app

Accept only convenient ride requests

Why should you choose work together with inDrive ?

Lucrative conditions for drivers

Use the service for free for between 6 months and a year while we launch. After the launch period, service payments are still low - from zero to 9.5%.

Prices are not set by the service

Now the pricing is fair and transparent. Choose passengers with convenient ride requests or offer your own price for the ride.

Convenience and simplicity

Quick sign-up, point A and point B both shown on the map before each ride, and you get to choose your own schedule.

Instant payment after ride completion

Passengers pay immediately once ride is completed, by cash or via mobile banking

How does it work?

1 Simple and fast registration

Download the application, switch the mode in the menu by pressing the “Become a driver” button and complete the online registration.

2 Open request list

Switch to the 'City' mode to view all active requests. In inDrive, drivers are the ones who choose requests that work best for them.

3 Lucrative requests near you

Receive instant notifications about the best money-making requests near you. Just enable the 'Active' mode in the application, and you are all set.

4 Get paid instantly

You will get paid immediately after the ride has been completed directly by the passenger in cash or by bank transfer.

About inDrive in figures


cities in 45 countries

1 Bn


100 mln



1 How can I change my info in the app? (Plate number, make of car and etc)

You can change personal information such as the car make,plate number and etc in your profile. Tap menu button with three lines in the upper left corner of the screen nd enter your name, select "Edit car information" and renew your data.

2 How can I give feedback about the passenger?

Enter menu with three lines in the upper left corner, select support, and start chat to leave a feedback about the passenger.

3 How can I contact you?

You can contact us via our in-app online chat, at

4 Why do you need to verify drivers?

We check drivers’ documents thoroughly, and do everything we can to keep our passengers safe.

5 What payment methods are available?

At the moment, we have only cash payments. In the future, we will include other payment methods.

6 How to switch to the driver mode?

Open the app, tap side menu and select "Switch to driver mode"

7 Can I sign up with you as a driver if I’m currently a taxi driver?

Yes, of course, once you pass the online verification in the app, you will get access to the ride requests.

8 How to change your phone number in the app?

Open the app side menu and select "Settings" - "Change phone number".

9 How long does verification take?

Verification of documents will take about 24 hours